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Ultimate compilation of the best women's fur coats

Winter is going over and this is the best time to think about purchasing a new fur coat. Everyone knows that the best deals and discounts appear at the end of winter. And this applies to both well-known brands and not so.

But first, let's figure out which fur coat is best for you? Which fur coat is worth buying and which is not and why.

Long or short when it comes to fur coats

Long fur coats comfort. When we think about comfort, we think about warmth and coziness. But what about the wearing comfort?

Every woman who has at least one long fur coat knows that it constantly hangs in the wardrobe. And it absolutely does not depend on how incredibly beautiful this fur coat is or not. It is just not comfortable!

Faux Fur Crop JacketLunar Frost Fleece JacketCourt-to-Runway Animal Print Convertible Faux Fur JacketAnimal Print Faux Fur Jacket

Ok, maybe short is better? Yeah, some short fur coats look great and even sexy but then you should forget about warmth. Such a fur coat plays the role of an accessory and not clothing that protects from the cold at all. So consider this!

Of course, there are medium-length fur coats. And they are maybe the best compromise if you are ready to give in both comforts and beauty at the same time. On the other hand, medium-length fur coats are the most popular choice among women.

Fur Sure Leopard Faux Fur JacketGarland Faux Fur JacketJust Fuzz Faux Fur Crop JacketGrooved Faux Fur Belted Coat

Ok, what about the fur coat color?

Great when it comes to color, we have a wide palette of solid colors and lots of mixed ones. So everyone can choose anyone. However, I recommend something bright or even acidic, because saturated colors are a growing trend this season.

Hooded Faux Fur CoatZebra Print Faux Fur Cake CoatFaux Fur Hooded JacketBig Time Faux Fur Jacket

Fluffy or not?

As in the previous paragraph, this is mostly a matter of taste. But it is worth remembering that the fluffier the fur coat, the less durable it is and requires more care.

It is also better to think about a suitable place in the wardrobe for your future fur coat. It should be spacious and well ventilated so that the fur does not wrinkle or smell.

Carly Faux Fur CoatFaux Fur CoatChevron Oversize Faux Fur CoatJanet Crop Faux Shearling Jacket

Faux fur or Natural?

I have repeatedly, in every article devoted to fur coats, expressed my opinion about fur. Here I can just repeat the same thing. I strongly support the use of faux fur!

No animal should be killed for the sake of making furs! And, as I have said many times, modern artificial fur is much more durable and wear-resistant compared to natural. And in terms of softness and appearance, it is practically indistinguishable!

Rex Genuine Rabbit Fur JacketThea Leo Faux Fur Short JacketFaux Fur Short CoatHooded Faux Fur Coat

I hope I have covered all the main topics of choosing a faux fur coat to buy. Of course, first of all, you should be guided by your opinion, but let my advice help you decide on the best choice.

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