A detailed guide on the selection of casual and business style for the coming spring

Classic business suits are gaining popularity even in everyday life

If you are embarrassed to wear a business suit, then I hope this guide will help you deal with your fears and put the final bullet in your insecurity.

The first example is the perfect combination of style and taste for a casual look. A classic blue blazer and blue trousers are a great choice to create a casual look for your upcoming weekend with friends. Dark colors are convenient to use for men with a large physique who want to seem slimmer. A light shirt and a light scarf will add elegance to your look.

Blue blazer combined with scarf is the perfect casual combination for men

Maybe you think that a business suit is worn only in the office? It turns out no. Today, this is part of men's image. So calmly wear it even on business trips. Yes, it may not be as comfortable as jeans and a sweater, but I personally know a few people who do not part with a suit even on vacation and feel good.

A classic elegant suit is suitable for business meeting and business trip

Everyone should have a light casual outfit. Calm gray tones will be very practical if you are going on a long trip. For me personally, the best choice is a comfortable warm jacket and vest on top.

The most important thing in casual mens style is convenience and comfort

The following image is a great example of how you can instantly turn a business office outfit into an elegant casual style. Just change your shoes and take off your tie and now, you are ready to go on a long weekend with friends.

Just take off your tie and you are ready for for an eventful weekend

Classic business style is called classic because it never goes out of trends. Sometimes, it’s enough to have one such gray formal suit in your wardrobe in order to look excellent at any business meeting. Of course, one shirt is not enough, so you should have a few light ones, well, buy a couple of ties too.

Classic combination of grey suit, white shirt and blue blue tie

A blue classic suit is generally win-win option. Since it is suitable for a business meeting, for a daily office routine and even for high-level meetings. And when the work is finished, just take off your tie and you are the boss at evening party.

Another one classic business style - dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie

I am deeply convinced that every man should always look great. Wherever he was, his appearance will talk about him before he begins. At work or on vacation, at a party or business meeting, a real man is always on top. All eyes are riveted to him, people listen to him with all ears, he has exquisite manners and smells great. The perfect man.

Just don't forget a convenient shoes and you will be ready for weekend

And it depends only on you how much you will conform to your ideal look. After all, everything is in your hands. As you know, all doors open for successful people, the whole world is open to conquer. Simply start from your wardrobe.

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